Gingham En Green

Ok Loves, How are we all doing? Let me start by apologizing for not having posted in so so long. You know when life hits you?... well, in a good way. My life has been quite busy lately, a few changes here and there, but overall, I am grateful for every bit of it. So … Continue reading Gingham En Green

RKM Cape │Mad About Prints

Hey Fam, How have you all been? Well, I have been doing great and I hope you have too. Things have been on the busy side lately and I haven't had the time to do as much blogging as I had hoped; 'but hey, I'm here... and I'm back' and I can't wait to share … Continue reading RKM Cape │Mad About Prints

Pink In Love

Happy Tuesday to You all, How are we all doing? Goodness, this month of April has just flown right past me. __________________________________________________________________ Are you looking for that flawless outfit that you can throw on without all the hard work of thinking attached? Well, this was it for me. As much as I love fashion, I … Continue reading Pink In Love